Hi everyone, this week’s fitness tip is all about the benefits of jumping rope.  

As a fitness trainer I love using the jump rope as a part of my clients’ workouts because it has so many benefits.

It is a great way to bring up the heart rate in-between strength training routines. It also can build lean muscle mass throughout the whole body. Jumping rope also burns a lot of calories for those short workouts when you just don’t have a lot of time. It also promotes better coordination and a faster response time in muscle response which is great for all sports. Lastly, you don’t need a lot of space to jump rope and it is light weight, making it easy to pack for traveling.

When I’m testing out clients to see if they can jump rope, I make sure they are free of certain injuries like knee, hip, ankle, foot and lower back pain. Since this activity requires you to jump up and down, it puts a lot increased forces accelerating (jumping up) and decelerating (coming down from the jump).

Everyone can eventually learn how to jump through time. With my clients that can’t seem to get one full revolution when using the rope, I like to start them off with no jump rope and just have them jump like they are jump roping so as to visualize it in their heads. I will usually do this for 3 sessions so they get acclimated to jumping. Once my client starts to get the hang of doing the single jump, we will start with 50 revolutions per set for 10 sets and through time eventually increase each set to 100 revolutions. The ultimate goal is to eventually decrease the set down to just jumping for 10 minutes without a break.

To add to their jump roping skills and vary the workout, I’ll have them change their footing while jumping.  

1. Slightly twisting the hips back and forth per revolution 

2. Running in place while using the rope

3. Doing a jumping jack motion with the legs while jump roping and finally

4. jump roping backwards which makes you work harder to get the rope under your feet

Using a jump rope is the ultimate athletic movement and I challenge you to try it daily for a month and make it a goal to do 10 minutes a day. You’ll be extremely happy with the results.

Robert Berger,

BurnFit Studio

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