I started training my client Robert Chimento over 2 years ago. He lives in Malibu California  and was dealing with a lot of health issues at the time.  Before I started training with him he was dealing with a serious knee problem where stem cells were injected into the knee to hopefully accelerate healing. He also was dealing with severe tendinitis in his elbow and had not trained for 3 years prior to me meeting him.

Robert was 68 when I met him and his ultimate goal was to get back to surfing, skiing, roller blading and working out on a regular basis. We had to start extremely slow. We had methodically worked with his primary muscle groups with exercises that worked safely with his injuries and Robert was feeling a lot of pain but through time he was getting stronger, more flexible and his injuries were starting to dissipate.

It’s now been over 2 years and Robert is for the most part pain free and back to surfing, skiing, roller blading and working out.  What’s amazing is that Robert is now 71 years young and his workouts keep improving! He says the workouts are his fountain of youth and I’m so amazed that his strength, power and stamina keeps getting better and better.

Thank you Robert for setting the bar high and trusting my experience and applying yourself consistently to the workouts which ultimately got your healthy and happy life back!  

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