Dramatically Lose Belly Fat By Taking This Fatty Acid

Conjugated linoleic acid  has a unique ability to burn huge amounts of belly fat than any other fat known in the world Just how effective is conjugated linoleic acid at burning fat and reducing  your waist?

a. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled human study (the gold standard of research design) published in the Journal of International Medical Research, They used 20 participants that were given conjugated linoleic acid or an imposter (in the form of vegetable oil) daily for 12 weeks. Finally at the end of the study period, the conjugated linoleic acid group lost 20% of their body fat while the placebo group lost no fat at all.

In another double-blind, placebo-controlled human study conducted by renowned Swedish researcher Dr. Annika Snedman,  receiving conjugated linoleic acid lost 400% more fat than the placebo group. This was achieved over the course of 12 weeks and  was all done without changing their diets or adding a regular exercise program.

A third study conducted at the University of Barcelona, Spain measuring the effects of conjugated linoleic acid intake in 60 healthy men and women age 35 to 65 found that subjects receiving conjugated linoleic acid lost significant body fat (78% of which was from the belly region) while the placebo group actually GAINED weight…

A fourth double-blind, placebo-controlled human study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition with more than 175 total participants resulted in the conjugated linoleic acid group losing 8.7% of their total body fat while the placebo group once again GAINED weight. Subjects did not  change their diets or exercise routines during the study, further validating the intake of conjugated linoleic acid as the only explanation for the huge difference in results between the two test groups.

Another study performed by the leading research team at Uppsala University in Sweden and published in the extremely well known International Journal of Obesity resulted in the conjugated linoleic acid group significantly reducing their abdominal girth in only 4 weeks, while the placebo group experienced no change in abdominal measurements whatsoever. Clearly, research shows conjugated linoleic acid to be the #1 fat for burning unwanted belly fat through its unique ability to naturally activate the full fat-burning potential of each fat cell.

The effective amount of conjugated linoleic acid to be taken daily necessary to obtain its belly fat burning benefits is upwards of 2 grams per day!

Up to and over 3.5 grams of CLA and Omega-3 fat burning fats are available in 120  to 360 grams of Buxton Beef, providing you with more than 100% of your daily requirement.  

This is such a great product and a must to add to your fitness toolbox for losing your belly fat.


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