Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?

I found that when I put together a diet plan for a lot of my clients, there was a high majority that had a negative reaction to eating a certain percentage of fat in their daily intake of food. They actually felt that by eating fat, they would gain excess weight and that it was unhealthy.  
The myth that you’ll gain weight and become unhealthy from consuming fat couldn’t be further from the truth.

Eating fat is imperative for optimal health and can even catalyze fat reduction.  Yes, it’s true that Fat has more calories per gram than carbohydrates or Protein but eating fat can reduce hunger pangs, hike up your immune system, dramatically change your physique, change your mood, regulate your hormones as well as many more great benefits. Fat also reduces the absorption of carbs into the blood stream.   There are many weight loss trials showing successful evidence that being on a high fat and low carb fight can cause a higher reduction of weight loss than low fat, high carbohydrate diet.

Here are 5 good fats to eat:
1. Avocado is great for raising good cholesterol, packed with vitamin E, prevents free radical damage, boosts immunity and is great to keep your youthful healthy skin.
2. Real Butter which is from grass fed organic sources is high in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids which is great for brain health and healthy skin.  It also is high in fat soluble vitamins and trace minerals including selenium.
3. Coconut oil is loaded in medium fatty acids which is easy for the body to digest and gets absorbed fast into the cells for instant energy. Improves braIn and memory function, increases heart health and good cholesterol. It’s considered an anti inflammatory food and helps reduce arthritis.
4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil has so many healthy benefits that it should be a part of everyone’s diet.  It’s healthy for the heart, high in mono unsaturated fats, loaded in antioxidants, it also protects the cells from damage and acts as an anti-inflammatory.
5. Omega-3s are essential because the body isn’t able to produce it on its own. The preferred omega-3s is DHA and EPA which is found in salmon and sardines.  Omega-3s is considered the fountain of youth for longevity.  People in Japan and Okinawa who have high diets in omega-3s live longer lives than people on a low omega-3 diet.  The myth that fat will make you fat is debunked.  


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