Extremely Successful Way To Count Calories While Accelerating Fat Loss!

Here is a simple trick on using a counting method which is extremely successful in keeping track of your calories on a daily basis! This macronutrient counting method works for just about anyone who wants to accelerate fat loss and get your body shredded at a rapid rate!

It’s called the 1-100-1/2 method:
A. 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight.
B. Less than 100 grams of complex carbs for men and less than 60 complex carbs for
women a day.
C. 1/2 a gram of fat for every pound of body weight.

This simple method of tracking your calories is successful because its relative to you body weight!
Make sure to throw in a cheat day where you can replenish your body by indulging in your favorite high complex carb foods while at the same time accelerating your fat loss.  

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