I have been taking Nitric Oxide for many years and I’m always amazed at how incredible this product works. The amount of energy, strength and stamina is like no other product I’ve ever taken! It has been extremely effective with my cardio and strength training and ultimately has kept my muscles ripped and lean.  This is a product that every man or women should take given its benefits. This is by far the best product in my portfolio of health products!

Nitric oxide is a molecule that plays a huge role in many cellular processes. It was first discovered to relax blood vessels and to regulate vascular tone. Nitric oxide is actually a highly reactive gas that has open the door to a huge amount of interest by scientists that ultimately has over 60’000 papers written about NO2 in the last 10 years and one a Nobel prize in 1998.

Here are 5 reasons you should take a Nitric oxide supplement:

Nitric Oxide Increases Fat Burning

Not only does Nitric oxide gives you an energy boost and helps you train longer but a study done in the American Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism found that 9 subjects that supplemented their bodies with L-arginine (a nitric oxide precursor)

Had more glycerol and a higher level of nonesterified fatty acids. This is evidence for the bodies potential to burn more fat

Nitric Oxide Creates a Higher Energy Boost

Everyone knows that to gain muscle you have to train hard. Intense training sessions require a lot of energy.  Anyone who trains regularly at the gym will have days where we are run down and feel fatigued during or prior to our workout.  If fatigue is an issue than Nitric oxide can really help you.  Nitric oxide delivers oxygen to hard working muscles.  This will allow you to train much harder, stronger and longer.

Nitric Oxide Accelerates Recovery Time

The key to building muscle and to maximize athletic performance is adequate recovery time. NO2 improves oxygen and blood flow to the muscles which creates faster muscle repair and fatigue reduction.  Cells will be able to get replenished at an accelerated rate by getting what the need when they need it!

Nitric Oxide Definitely Pumps You Up 

A Nitric oxide supplement will really pump up your muscles. Your muscles will feel full, swole and ready to explode! This will motivate you to train longer and harder

Nitric Oxide Will Help You Gain Muscle

Due to the fact that you’ll be able to train longer and will be stronger, Nitric oxide supplementation will directly and indirectly lead to massive increases in muscle mass and strength!

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