Personal Training With BurnFit Studio

BurnFit Studio Personal Training

Personal Training with BurnFit Studio gets you the results you deserve. We help you by setting achievable goals, which keep you motivated and hold you accountable…all things that are missing when you have a monthly gym membership! When you start Personal Training with BurnFit Studio we help you focus on what you want; like toning, stamina, endurance, increasing muscle mass, flexibility, injury prevention, as well as the overall commitment to health. What you want is what we are here to help you get.

BurnFit Studio provides you with the best fitness professionals in the industry because they are trained in exercise instruction, which allows you the opportunity to exercise with accurate form and efficiency based on your fitness needs. Personal Training with BurnFit Studio is all about getting you the best results, fast! Sign up now for a Personal Training session like no other out there because we have a proven 99% success rate. We offer private and small group sessions.

Here’s what to expect from BurnFit Studios:

Free Assessment and Complimentary Workout. What it Includes:

  • We check all the strength of all primary muscles through a series of diagnostic exercises.
  • We check for core strength.
  • We check for cardio stamina.
  • We check for flexibility.
  • We check for postural integrity while doing exercises which gives us an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses throughout your whole body.
  • We check for balance.
  • We check for coordination.
  • We check for fast twitch muscle exercises.

By the end of our assessment/workout, we have an in-depth blueprint of your athletic authenticity of where we need to start safely and how to achieve maximum fitness results.

We offer a complimentary diet analysis which is customized based on your height, weight, and we assess your eating habits over a 5-day period to see how you’re getting your nutrition and how we plan on modifying your nutrition plan for maximum efficiency and positive results.

We take “before” measurements and every month we re-measure to show the positive reduction of inches to show your progress. If you’re comfortable, we will weigh you. Also, we’re so confident that we’ll transform you so that you have more lean muscle and less body fat that most of our clients allow us to take three pictures of your body; a front, side, and back shot. We have a 98% success rate when we show the pictures 30 days later. You won’t believe the results which are extremely rewarding to our clients and to the BurnFit Studio team.

  • Lose Weight

  • Tone Muscle

  • Better Posture

  • Become More Cognitively Aware

  • Improve Skin

  • Longer Stamina

  • More Energy

  • Many Other Health Benefits

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