Advantages of Small Group Training at BurnFit Studio

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve met women that came from larger group training forums like Cross Fit or Orange Theory etc. They work out in groups of 35 to 40 people per class. The trainers for those sessions are not aware of an individual’s possible injuries, weaknesses or abilities due to the large class size. The client ultimately ends up getting hurt. That doesn’t happen at BurnFit Studio because once we have a chance to work with you during your hour complimentary fitness assessment. We can see everything physically that is going on for you. We test you for overall strength, core strength, stamina, flexibility, power, agility, balance, postural indifferences as well as many other tests to have an accurate understanding of your physical makeup.

Once BurnFit has a good blueprint of your strengths and weaknesses, we able to put together a custom workout which is safe and challenging for you. The next step is placing you in a small group of two to four women. At BurnFit Studio, we safely have control over everyone who is on the team. We constantly change the client’s resistance training to fit their needs. That allows you as a client to accelerate physically and accomplish your fitness goals safely!

A lot of the women I meet are very interested but haven’t worked out for a long time. This could be very intimidating as well as be challenging to them. They feel like they’ll be judged, especially when finding out they’ll be joining a small group with other women that are around the same age. That is where the magic starts to happen. Some of these women never had any community involvement in their lives. Other women had been locked up with work, dedicated their lives to raising kids or have never worked out or set foot in a gym in their entire life! They found out that after a couple of weeks of working out with other women, they started to open up their enjoyment for fitness training as well as having a common interest with many other women just like themselves.

They start accelerating mentally and physically in the program. Our Clients find that that one hour for themselves in a small community setting changes who they are mentally and physically as well as socially. That’s why this program has been almost 100 percent successful. Another significant advantage to women working in small groups is that they can change their workout time to another hour that day.  It’s so easy for BurnFit Studio to alter their time so they will be working with a new group of women which then becomes exciting and ultimately end up making new friends and expanding on their community. I’ve been a trainer for 25 years; small group training is a proven forum for success, consistency, higher morale, more enjoyment, fun and ultimately extremely rewarding. It also creates a higher identity and purpose which feels like an extension of their family.

For me as a fitness trainer, it’s so rewarding to see all these women that ultimately become an extension of my small family making incredible transformations, mentally, emotionally and physically. They change so dramatically in so many ways that these positive changes are like roots of a tree that multiply and grow positively in every aspect of their lives which ultimately anchors them down firmly and safely.

Here are some great reasons for a woman to start small group training at BurnFit Studio!

  1. When you commit to a small group program, you’ll get results. This has several benefits. One of the significant benefits of group exercise classes is that they can create an opportunity for social interaction. Small group training can promote a sense of social acceptance, wellbeing, camaraderie, and support.  This is a very powerful for women who might feel insecure about themselves or exercise; Mainly because they are new to training or are just getting a started after a long break.
  2. A lot of support – At BurnFit Studio, we are there to help you get through the hurdles of the workout and the barriers in life.
  3. We focus on personal attention – While Women’s Group Exercise offers many advantages, many instructors at other fitness facilities are not always able to see and correct each private class member.
  4. Friendship – working out loves company. Exercising with other women enhances the experience for participants.
  5. Diversity – When you train with a competent fitness professional, your workouts will dramatically change as you progress, preventing you from hitting a plateau which turns into boredom.
  6. More cost-effective – Fitness Training provides for maximum personal attention and an excellent opportunity to succeed. Some women, however, may find that small groups fits into their funds better and still gives them that special care they need.
  7. High Motivation – Fitness training alongside other women can push you a harder than you would typically do on your own.
  8. BurnFit Studio emphasizes support – We are committed to helping you successfully through the hurdles of the fitness training and the barriers in life.
  9. We always make is Fun –  Making it fun and exciting keeps you interested while exercising with friends.
  10. Maintain your workout – Research shows that women that are committed to team programs have a higher success rate in sticking with a fitness program.

At BurnFit Studio, we off an excellent small group fitness class for women which has an extremely high success rate in getting women the fitness results they always wanted. We also offer a complimentary Fitness Assesment/Workout before starting with a small group. Limited Spots are available so please check us out at or feel free to call Robbie at 805-797-5812

We’re located at 790 Hamshire Road Westlake Village CA 91361 Suite E

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